What The Client Wanted

Everbond Financial Services Limited (EFSL) carry on the business of Asset and Wealth Management, Investment Banking, Corporate Finance, Portfolio and Fund Management, Research and Advisory services among others. EFSL needed a cooperate and professional website to reach out to the world. They also needed a website that is interactive and can be maintained by a staff and who would be able to add revise texts and images and upload their research and reports regularly without employing the services of Scynett Ghana at an extra cost.

They also wanted their website to have a colour palette of the company and integration of the company’s social media accounts. They wanted the website to be up and running a week after they contacted Scynett Ghana because the company has been in existence for a while and the need for the website was long overdue. EFSL also requested for a marketing video as part of their new marketing strategy and to present the vision and services of the company to its prospects digitally.


The needs, thorough requirement and content (text and images) for the website were taken by Scynett Ghana. Research was made per the needs and requirement and a basic design/layout of the website was to be made available for revisions. Because EFSL needed the website withing some few days Scynett Ghana recommended an Open Source CMS application (WordPress) to be used for the website development which was agreed. To make the website interactive an online chat, currency converter, daily stock markets, Forex exchange rates and the company’s digital marketing video were all to be integrated into the website.The website was also to be completed before the required time. The marketing video was to be created for revisions till satisfaction.


A responsive yet professional and interactive website which can be viewed across all devices was designed for EFSL by Scynett Ghana. The website had the colour palette of EFSL and their social media accounts integrated. To make the website more interactive an online chat, currency converter, daily stock markets and Forex exchange rates and the company’s digital marketing video which was created by Scynett Ghana were all integrated into the website. Two (2) employees of EFSL were trained on how to regularly update the website with texts, images and report /research updates on the website. A minute and fifty-five seconds marketing video was created and several social media posts were also designed for EFSL which were all posted across their social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).

We have worked with Scynett Ghana for a while and we are highly pleased with the brilliant work they have carried out for us. They were responsible for developing our website. They also enhanced our digital presence through creating marketing videos, design, and posters for social media platforms. They are currently developing an application to enhance the effectiveness in managing our customers. They really appreciate and understand the high standards that Everbond Financial Institution stand for and they efficiently deliver our request accordingly. I sincerely recommend Scynette Ghana to any individual or organization that is seeking to put themselves at a higher proficiency standard.
Francis Anim AgyepongEverbond Financial Services


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